Post Graduate Medical Council

The Council  consist of twenty two (22) members of whom five (5) are Executive Members; Thirteen (13) Statutory members; three (3) Eminent persons and one (1) Representative of the Residents. They are:

Name  Position

Dr. Benjamin Harris ——– President

Dr, John Mulbah ———–Vice President for Surgeons

Dr. Sia Camanor ———-Vice President for Physicians

Dr. Jeanetta K. Johnson ——–Secretary General

Dr. Linda A. Birch———-Honorary Treasurer

Prof. Sunday Chinenye ———-Chair, Faculty of Internal Medicine

Dr. Roseda Chair (Actg)———-Chair, Faculty of Pediatrics

Dr. Rick Sacra———Chair, Faculty of Family Medicine

Dr. Babawale Ojideran———-Chair, Faculty of Psychiatry

Prof. Edet Ikpi———- Chair, Faculty of General Surgery

Prof. Etedafe Gharoro———-Chair, Faculty of Obstetric & Gynecology

Dr. Niranjan Pehere ———- Chair, Faculty of Ophthalmology

Dr. Francis Kateh———-Chief Medical Officer, RL

Dr. Z’Sherman Adams———-Dean of the A.M Dogliotti College of Medicine

Dr. Emmanuel Ekyinimah———President of the Liberia Medical and Dental Association

Dr. Callau J. Howe———-Chairperson of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council

Mr. David Dahn———-Chairperson of the commission on Higher Education

Dr. Jerry Brown———-Chief Medical Officer of John F. Kennedy Medical Center

Bishop Jonathan B. B. Hart———-Eminent Person

Mr. David K. Vinton———-Eminent Person

Mr. Benoni Urey———-Eminent Person

Dr. J. Bornor Jallah———-Resident Representative